What others have said

We knew what we wanted for our wedding: a secular, feminist ceremony that captured our love but skipped all of the "happily ever after" fluff.  Martinique walked us through every step of the ceremony, helped us understand the meaning behind various traditions, and ultimately delivered an experience that was incredibly moving. We are so grateful!

-Laura 2015

My wife and I had a challenging set of needs for our wedding. I'm spiritual and she's an atheist, yet we both desired the wonder, beauty and vastness of life, aging, love and family to be present in our service. Martinique, a natural wordsmith, knit together perfect prose, at the perfect pitch to ensure our union was touching, memorable and a reflection of both of us. In turn it felt faithful to those who believe, and secular to everyone else. That was quite a gift to both of us, as well as our family with differing faith values.

-Ky Dickens 2012