Creative work

Storyteller & Company Member with 2nd Story Chicago

Hallerduff, Martinique. “Favorite Girl.” A Joyful Noise: Stories of Living Out Loud. Dir. Jess Kadish. Prod. Ali Drumm. Cur. Aimy Tien. Sound. Femme. Uptown Underground, Chicago IL 2 June 2018. Live Performance.

--“Above the street with baby.” An Inconvenient Love: Stories of Joy and Resilience. Dir. Liz Rice. Prod. Ali Drumm. Cur. Earliana McLaurin. Sound. Billy Eline. Teal Room, Chicago IL. 10-12 February 2017. Live Performance

-- “Boundary Waters”. Fish out of Water: Stories of Finding Comfort in the “other.” Dir. Amanda Delheimer-Diamond. Prod. Liz Rice. Cur. Earliana McLaurin and Margaret Marion. Teal Room, Chicago IL. 6-8 November 2015. Live Performance.

Haller, Martinique. “They Ride Horses.” 2nd Story Podcast Series. 19 October 2012. Podcast.

--“The Horse Girls.” Double-Crossing Time: Stories of Trust and Betrayal. Dir. Thrisa Hodits. Prod. Ozzie Totten. Cur. C.P. Chang. Sound Eric Hazen. Underground Wonder Bar, Chicago, IL. 29 September 2012. Live Performance.

--“Love Letters To Dou-Dou.” Anti-Valentines Day Stories. Dir. Megan Shuchman. Prod. Heather Vogel. Cur. Kim Morris. Sound. Mike Pryzgoda. Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago, Il. 14 February 2012. Live Performance.