About me

Through my experience as a live storyteller with 2nd Story Chicago and as a college professor, I've learned that I love creating stories and ideas that move people. I began officiating friends' weddings and enjoyed the process so much that I decided to expand beyond my own circle of friends. As far as my day job (and quite frankly, my night job, too) I am a librarian and English professor. My work in both of these areas have contributed to my work as a wedding officiant because as a librarian I am trained to listen closely and ask questions so I can help people answer their own questions while setting my ego to the side. As an English professor, I often work hard to turn students on to new ideas in creative ways, discover new texts (wedding readings!), and think carefully about an entire composition and how an audience reacts. But my work as a story teller has most profoundly impacted my work as an officiant because I have to create original content and make it work in a particular venue while preserving the original meaning. In performance, it's important to read and respond to the crowd and the same is true of your wedding.

My own beliefs lean toward atheism, but I'm an open-minded, and kind (read: not militant) atheist and absolutely thrilled to incorporate any elements into your wedding that matter to you -- religious, spiritual or otherwise. I'm a feminist and thoroughly believe that weddings are wonderful times to think about equality. As a lesbian who married my wife before it was legal, marriage has special significance to me and I'm honored to be considered to participate in yours. 


I am an ordained minister of the Internet's finest Universal Life Church. My ordination qualifies me to perform legal wedding ceremonies. Learn more here.